viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011

On may 1 2008 Timothy garon died, Denied of a liver transplant  by the University of Washington Medical Center for his use of  legaly prescribed cannabis, You see tim had hapatitis C an Infectious disease that  afects   the liver
which causes severe abdominal pain and loss of appetite  due to scarring of the liver (fibrosis), and advanced scarring (cirrhosis) for this Tim was prescribed with medical marijuana legal statewide but not federally and for this inconsistency in our  prohibition law's that Timothy Garon was forced to die because in this system an alcoholic can be diagnosed with liver disease get a transplant and be drinking the next day but the legally endowed marijuana user has to know and the craziest part of it all is marijuana in no way affects or has to do with the liver so if you think about it Tim's liver transplant  was denied because the government and the University of Washington Medical Center just didn't like that he smoked  marijuana to sum it all up into the most essential question...why does anyone have to die for of a plant?
 Did you know that by the end of 2010 there were already twenty thousand studies,papers and reports  as well as studies on the  plant itself,synthetic and organic cannabinoids too, Did you also know ? that Ironically pharmaceuticals have been hardly studied. A much bigger cause for alarm. As industry standards require a pharmaceutical company run the bare minimum of clinical trials before presenting a drug for FDA approval. Let's see the effects of Pharmaceutical opiate and pain relievers
These can be:
Respiratory depression, apnea.  Dizziness, lightheartedness, sedation, lethargy, headache, euphoria, mental clouding, fainting, idiosyncratic effects, including excitement, restlessness, tremors, delirium, insomnia.  N&V, vomiting, constipation, increased pressure in biliary tract, dry mouth, anorexia.  Flushing, changes in HR and BP, circulatory collapse. Allergic: Skin rashes, including pruritus and urticaria. Sweating, laryngospasm, edema. Miscellaneous: Urinary retention, oliguria, reduced libido, changes in body temperature. Narcotics cross the placental barrier and depress respiration of the fetus or newborn.

To me this is a clear sign the medical system is more interested in turning a profit
instead of a legitimate desire to heal and care for it's patients. On the governments side studies like the Heath Tulane Marijuana study in which small monkeys were outfitted with gas masks and made to continuously breath in marijuana  smoke with out
taking  a breath of oxygen {this causing brain damage not the cannabis} have perpetuated absurd urban legends insinuating that cannabis destroys brain cells when current studies prove quite the opposite  why does the government and the medical system not want  it's law abiding citizens and patients not using a an
excessively studied plant but instead a barely studied Pill or treatment. Marijuana has been found to have proven anti inflammatory effects on the liver which was helping Tim Garon on top of that the appetite inducing and pain reliving qualities as well
What is the system afraid of when will they let responsible people have freedom over their body's and minds why can't sick have their medicine. whats you're opinion?\